Mortgage Credit: Sales, Promotions and other benefits

The entities that offer mortgage loans have several ways to attract new clients, with different offers and real estate promotions. They seek to convince you as a potential client to contract with a specific entity that offers unique benefits, although generally these benefits tend to be repetitive. The Best Mortgage Credit depends on the specific needs you have.


Real estate competition

Real estate competition

However, the real estate competition in the market does make increasingly attractive and segmented offers emerge. This also leads to market research to generate plans specifically designed for each class of person, according to age, financial capacity and level of risk, among other things.

Thus, depending on the type of property, the amount requested, the term, the type of financial instrument (mutual or bills), subsidies, insurance, interest rates, type of dividend, a varied number of offers are offered. Competition in the market also means that there are no unmatched benefits, and therefore, to get the best Mortgage Loan, the best method at hand is comparing plans.

It will depend, of course, on the needs and expectations you have, but you have to measure the market offers with this stick: term given for the start of the payment of dividends and common expenses, reductions in the dividend during the first years, gifts of electrical appliances (such as the kitchen, washing machine, etc.), special reduction of interest rates, reductions in insurance and operating expenses, credits with long term terms (up to 40 years), combo credits, and more.

In the case of special lowering of interest rates, there are three kinds of rates: fixed, variable and mixed rates. These determine if your dividend will remain stable or will be subject to the variations that take place during the term of the credit.


Before proceeding with the request for a Mortgage Credit 

Mortgage Credit

You should spend a good time quoting and calmly assessing what is the best option available on the market. You must choose calmly since in this case it is not ideal to make hasty decisions.

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